Novels by M.J. Brett Stories based on real-life incidents

I write stories based on real-life incidents

Novels by M.J. Brett

History Mystery Comedy Novels by M.J. Brett

M.J. Brett (a.k.a. Margaret J. Brettschneider) has written ten novels of ordinary people caught in extraordinary circumstances. All are based on true stories from real life. Each character must find a way to overcome their most difficult problems, just as we all must.

Hopefully, you will find something here that may enrich your understanding, make you laugh or cry at our human condition, or give you some enjoyment of the intricacies of all our lives.

Living with History

Somehow we all find history more interesting when we can identify with someone who lived through it. That‘s why I prefer to write historical fiction stories: of times we may have misunderstood, of things that made us curious, of events I felt “needed” to be told, or of the unending variety of emotion and error in all human relationships.

I like to camouflage identities to protect the guilty and the innocent. Journey with a mother trying to protect her children as they walk across Europe during World War II in Mutti’s War. Live on the notorious communist vs, free world border during the Cold War in Shadows on an Iron Curtain.

What do we need to understand about growing older in Dancing in the W ind, wrestling with prejudice in Stand Silent, Stand Free, or trying to kick a habit in Street Smart on a Dead End?

Help solve a real cold case crime in Truth Lies Six Foot Under, and face the difficult decisions of a military officer caught in the web of Between Duty and Devotion.

Laugh as you travel the world while “accident-pronezz” in Mama Told Me Not to Come, and learn to forgive with an abandoned child in  IThink I Can, I Think I Can.

The tenth novel is about dealing with PTSD, or the newer term, PTS. With over 150 interviews and two years of research, The Voices Know My Name offers understanding and hope, maybe to friends you know.

I hope you will enjoy reading these novels and perhaps finding some understanding of our human condition through each character’s response to challenge.

I have found that it is not what life does to us that matters. It is how we respond to these episodes of life, both good and bad, that make us human and make life worth living.